Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Little Time Out

Well, I got the fabrics all pretreated and I got the coat body and the flannel underlining cut out. I cut out the coat single layer because I wanted to try and match the plaid, which I don't think I accomplished that well in the back but the front is perfect, YAY!

My brother came over and that was interesting but luckily, I had dinner plans. Dos and I went over to T's where we had dinner with her family and our friend Raquel (and very new little boy). It was great catching up with my buds in person. We used to see each other every Tuesday night to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer for at least 4 years, now, it's amazing if we see each other 4 times a year. I am thankful for those few times though. The funniest point in the evening was when I first arrived Dos pointed out Theresa's jug o' wine. This girl was a wine snob from way back but now that she's married to a thrifty eastern european (as am I, I totally get it) those frivolities like a good bottle of cabernet are gone (luckily Dos and brought some). Here's T with her sorry jug as Robert calls it "the last hole in the flute"

My brother just returned and now I'm going to go hand baste the flannel to the wool and possibly start the hand stitching on the collar. Oh yeah, while Dos was picking up dinner for us all I asked her to pick me up some velveteen to go on the inside of the pockets and she asked me if I was going to use it for binding which made me think that would be really attractive on the sleeve edges. I'll post photos of my progess tomorrow.


toya said...

sounds like you are making quick progress and the bindign the sleeve edges does sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oy yoy yoy ... At least the house looks great!

I had a great time with my girls -- we need to fit that stuff in more often.