Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Too Cold Not To Make A Coat

So as I was walking Lucy yesterday, it started hailing and Lucy turned back about one tenth of the way into the walk. She usually doesn't do that and plus she's furry and was wearing a sweater! I, on the other hand, was clad only in jeans, a sweatshirt and a nylon parka shell (it does have a fleece insert that was sitting on a chair at home) but nevertheless, I was dang cold. When I got home, I decided that enough is enough. I can't wait for Sheryl any longer. I need a proper coat. See, Sheryl and I had planned this coat sew along but she's trying really hard to get her sewing space in order which involves a bunch of construction, painting, remodeling etc. of her basement. While she and her crew will probably be finished in a few days, I'll probably be finished with my coat in a few days too. I'm sorry Sheryl, babe, I'm cold. I've put my Chanel style jacket aside and have moved to this coat using this fabric. I'm making the short houndstooth one. I almost just hacked right into the fabric without pretreating anything and luckily, my brain jumped in to save me. As I was laying it out I couldn't believe how soft it is. I thought it wouldn't be warm enough without an underlining so I'm using some godawful flannel I bought from Joann's (I hate getting up at 5am for the sale but I love spending only $1 on something no one's going to see anyway, plus I got some for pajamas and other flannel acoutrement) some years back for the underlining and that should provide extra warmth. The pattern is really simple so the only adjustment I made was to add on 1" at the side seam bust area, tapering through to the waist and underarm. I washed the flannel in hot water and I'm about to throw that into the dryer right now. I've used the lazy girls method for shrinking my wool, I tossed it into the dryer with some wet towels and let it steam for about 10 minutes and then I carefully lay it out on the table to let it cool down. I'm using hair canvas for the interfacing and I'll preshrink that the same way. I'll post tomorrow with some pictures of my progress, providing that I have actual progress. I may have to go to the DMV, the grocery store, the bank and the post office, and of course, cook and do mounds of laundry, but I'm hoping to squeeze in some quality hours sewing.

I also just made myself that new Sandra Betzina top, you know the one with the faux shrug attached. I rather like it. I just need to hem the sleeves and tack down the areas showing my bra straps and I'm good to go. Plus I made two sets of napkins for the holidays from Kaffe Fasset quilt fabric. I'll explain later, cause that is a total rant. Oh yeah, and I want a puppy!!!!


toya said...

you are so on point right now with the whole coat thing, I just bought a new one, I thought about making one, then I talked myself out of it.

Sharon said...

I still really like my shower curtain. Maybe an apron in a gingham (?) fabric in orange, red or yellow