Friday, November 23, 2007

The Aftermath

Ughhhh, I'm kinda tired. Mickey is all zippy and fine. We went to JoAnn's at 6am. I got a bunch of flannel that was masculine. I have pajamas to make for Lou, Mick and my brother. I was pretty sure they didn't want daisies and soft florals. I got five different kinds. I also got a new pair of Ginghers and some silk pins and steam a seam lite and a new Vogue pattern, in case I actually have somewhere to go over the holiday season.

The food came out incredibly, the turkey was crispy and moist, the dressing was sublime and the gravy wasn't lumpy. The pie was so good but unfortunately, I left it on the table too long (cause we were all stuffed and blissed out) and the cat jumped onto the table and ate through the pie. Oh well, luckily, I had a pumpkin cheesecake. Today, I'm hanging out with Mick and Chuck and making Christmas presents and doing laundry.

Oh yeah, we tried to go to Ikea this morning but there was line around the store and the parking lot was filled at 7am. I really don't want anything that bad. We went to Circuit City just to get blank dvds but it was like they were giving away gold dust. There was even a line to get OUT of the store. Too, too much. I guess I'm staying in this weekend.

Happy Holidays!

Or From the Whole Gang

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