Monday, October 22, 2007


or Sewing With A Plan. The new Swap topic has started on Stitcher's Guild and while I won't offically join the swap; I've got some things planned. Ideally, I'll do what the contestants are doing just on my own. The first two things I'm making are a Chanel style jacket using Simplicity 4302
and the Berry Tweed fabric from Fashionista.

I thought I was going to have to do all these alterations to the pattern but I noticed that this is one of those cup size patterns, so conceivably, I don't have to change anything (although I seriously doubt it). Anyway, I've cut out the muslin and am in the process of meticulously marking each piece. I'm using a bunch of different references for the Chanel-isms much in the way that Erica B is doing hers. We're supposed to be in a Chanel Jacket sew along on Pattern Review but no ones posted in a while. I'll jump back in as soon as I get my muslin put together.

In the meantime I've cut out and marked a muslin for Vogue 8032 the "off the shoulder" version with the collar and the long sleeves.

I intend to change the design a bit by creating "poet" sleeves (you know, really long full blousey but pulled in at the wrist) and adding a band at the shirt hem, to minimize the fullness and draw attention to my hips. So it is my hope that the eye will go to my shoulders and my hips. I plan to make it from a beautiful silk charmeuse that I've had for some time. I'll probably won't wear the jacket with the top because the top is so volumnious but I love the fabric, so I want to make tiny little bias tubes from the silk and braid them to create the trim for the jacket. I've never sewn silk charmeuse before so I bought a book called Sew Wonderful Silk: The Guide to Gourmet Sewing with Silk and Silk-like Fabrics. I think it will be very helpful. I'll take a bunch of pictures and you can follow my stumbles through "gourmet sewing" (YIKES!!)

After that I'm moving on to a coat, purse and pencil skirt. Sheryl are supposed to be making our coats together because neither one of us has a coat that we like and we both have plenty of fabric and patterns and a couple of good sewing machines. We've thrown down the gauntlet on the coat thing. No more ugly ski jackets for us (well unless we go skiing). Plus I got these super cute boots for my birthday and I don't have anything to go with them. I decided a long time ago, it's easier to just get the shoes that you want and make some clothes to go with them than the other way around.


Linda said...

Wow several of us are on the Chanel kick. I two am working on a jacket using the infamous Vogue 7975 pattern. This is going to be great to see how everyone interprets this jacket.

Berry said...

I was looking for information about Sew wonderful silk and found your "crazy" blog ;o) I'm looking for some reference to sew silk as I never tried and would feel more confident with an "aid" ;o) Would you recommend that book? Info about it are scarce on the net so I wonder...

Have a happy Easter!