Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Magical Mystery Tour

First of all, New York was absolutely fabulous this time. Most times I go, I'm alone and a bit lonely. This time I was alone but not lonely in the slightest. I hung out with my vendors all day, we stopped at Starbucks and then on to the serious business, we had the best time, laughing and joking and loading fabrics onto a big trolley. Then the next day, I met a whole new crop of vendors and they were sweet and charming too. Then later, I met up with Ed (Jen's fella) and we had sushi and Lou met us for martinis. Oh it was fun to sit outside at night and have a martini with two really cool dudes. It's funny sitting outside in Mahattan, cause it's kinda stinky and diesel smelling, but still really fun, nothing better than the night air. Lou and I went to the park and met a really nice french lady who used to sell wigs in Detroit, such a small world. Then later there was the incident where Lou had to use a floss pick to get something out of my ear (my own fault), but that was a typical "Melody" moment, kinda stupid and hilarious in a Lucy Ricardo kinda way.

I met up with Fork and her daughter the next day and we had a lovely lunch in Union Square Park and I heard myself say to myself, "I love New York!" I said it in my head but nonetheless, I shocked myself, up until that point it had been my mission to disdain the city. I thought it was overhyped and dirty and unfriendly, I couldn't have been more wrong. I love my neighborhood (Lou's neighborhood) and I know a bunch of people there now and we're all friendly to each other, heck I even know people's pets now. Anyway, Fork's daughter is just an absolute dream and too, too fabulous. She reminds me of a teeny, tiny Winnie (my mom). We were walking down 14th street and here's this adorable little girl toddling along blowing kisses at everyone, what a doll!

There were amazing weird coincidences the whole trip. I told myself not to freak out about one thing and I didn't, I just let it wash over me and it was great. Fork and I were talking about sewing and she was telling me that a woman had come to her house (in Brooklyn) to visit the day before from Italy, she told me she sewed and was telling me about this great skirt she had on, it was white with all designer labels pieced together to make the fabric of the skirt. I almost fell off my seat because I'd seen the same woman the day before when I was on my way to breakfast (in Greenwich Village) and I thought, "wow, cool skirt, I know she made that" The whole trip was like that kinda weird and mystical.

When I left, I hailed a cab on the corner and he said "I can't take you to the airport" so he left, then the next one stopped and asked where I was going and I said "LaGuardia", he just laughed and drove away, the third guy said he'd take me and when I got into the cab it seemed kind of familiar. I looked at him and I said, "you know I think you drove me from the airport the last time I was here" He completely didn't believe me and said something to the effect that all black people look alike to which I simply responded "DUDE!", and I said that I remembered him from the last time. We chatted a bit and then he said, "Oh yeah, I remember, I picked you up at night and you didn't know how to use credit card machine, and I dropped you off right at that corner." I remember because I felt bad that I didn't tip him the first time because I screwed up the transaction by mistake and he told me not to worry to take care of it next time. The likelihood that there would have been a next time was slim to none but sure enough it was the same guy. This time I tipped him to make up for last time. Crazy, huh?

Anyway all the fabric arrived on Friday and today. I've been spending all of my time uploading and photographing and scanning. OOOOOOOOH, did I get the goods. I mean seriously, this was a good haul (another aspect of the mystical nature of the trip) The ups guy took the day off because of it (really) I anticipate getting everything up in the next couple of days.

As far as sewing is concerned I recently made this top and ugh!! I really don't like it. It doesn't seem designed well, at least the version that I chose. I've moved on to this top which I'm making with this fabric. I'm making the version that ties on the hip but with long sleeves for fall. I think I'm going to like this a bunch. After I finish that I'm going to start on the Chanel jacket sew along on PR. I got this great fabric and it's perfect for Chanel

Oh, I almost forgot. I think my taxi driver took me down the street where they're filming the Sex and the City movie. Lots of trailers and trucks and makeup people in front of a familiar looking apartment building with a sign on the door that read "SET". I could be wrong but Sex and the City just makes so much sense to me. I love NYC.


christina said...

What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing all the details. I just love NYC, don't get over there enough...

Adrienne said...

Glad you had a great trip!!!! Cant wait to see your new fabrics!

Mary Beth said...

What a cool trip, all in all! Your doing something right when business is such a pleasure.

julia said...

Sounds like a lot of fun - I love the cab driver part of it. Good to know that second chances are out there!