Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm It

I've been tagged by Linda which I find shocking because I never think anyone is reading my blog to know to tag me but alas, someone is. So I have to come up with a list of seven things I haven't already divulged on this blog. O.K. Here goes:

1. I have one brother but I also have several half siblings whom I've never met.

2.. I was a 90's hippie, I went to Rainbow Gatherings in 93-98 and 2000. I would go now, I just get really can't deal with the bathroom (lack of) situation anymore.

3. I'm the quintessential rock chick. I have a love relationship with 70's and 80's rock. So much so that I bonded with my husband over the fact that we both love, love, love Led Zeppelin.

4. I hung out with Van Halen when I was 16, I still have my beer can. I met a ton of my favorite bands when I was a teen/twenty-something.

5. I'm a total control freak. I have to have things my way and I am unapologetic about it.

6. I used to be a model (as was my mom) and a pageant girl and that's how I got my first trip to New York, for a photo shoot.

7. I used to be a BAD GIRL. Lindsay, Paris and Britney could have taken notes from me, but I cleaned up really well, now people think I'm a prudish old lady.

So there seven things about me not previously known, except by my homeys. Now I am tasked with tagging others to pony up seven things about themselves. I choose:





I hope they see it to realize they're tagged.


Audrey said...

I was catching up on Blog reading and saw the tagging today. Gees oh man, I amd going to have to think hard to come up with those those 7 things. Give me a couple of days.

Linda said...

I am so behind on my reading. So I was tickled to see your list and so glad I tagged you. I love classic rock and the songs of the 70's also. But most of all I too love Led Zeppelin. But neat to learn you were a model/pageant girl. I always wanted to be a model but I was too short! and probably would not have done a good job of pursuing that career.