Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Flood of Black Fabric

I don't know what my deal is but I came into my little office this morning to evaluate what I had left to photograph and scan and I was confronted by a flood of black fabric. I don't know why I left them all last but here they are and it's a bit intimidating. It's like having a bunch of nuns staring at you (I went to Catholic school, I know) It's funny because individually, these are really beautiful; a cotton lycra, a wool flannel, a wool suiting and a wool crepe (plus a roll of fusible interfacing, which is, of course, black) I better get these documented and move on. But I think I'm going to go sew my cute little (BLACK) top and then I'll do the fabric. Besides I want to make a skirt to go with it but I'll wait on that and do the other stuff. I've been really excited about sewing lately. It's like the more projects I finish, the more I want to finish. I feel like I actually will have a good wardrobe soon. Plus the Timmel Swap rules are already up, I'm not participating but I think it'll be great to "play along" I may even post some pairings on the store site as inspiration.


Oh, I almost totally forgot about the American Sewing Expo in Novi. I went on Saturday and it was pretty alright. I obviously didn't buy any fabric and there weren't many pattern vendors there. I did buy three patterns from the Sewing Workshop, the Soho Coat and the two new bag patterns. I checked out the Simplicity booth, you know I love me some Simplicity. I didn't much care for the new Project Runway patterns, they're kinda lame but it's fun to see the pattern garments in person. The hightlight for me was the Threads booth. I saw all of the pieces from the most recent Sew Stylish magazine and they're so inspiring. I saw the Chanel style jacket from an earlier issue and I saw this great top by Ann Steeves or Gorgeous Things . You go Ann, that is one killer work. Of course my photo doesn't do it justice, it is stunning.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to hook up with any of my PR peeps. Lisa, I called you and sent you an email but you are one hard lady to get in touch with. I'm so sorry to have missed you I was looking forward to it. Sheryl didn't get to go with me because she's refinishing her basement and I totally couldn't find Stefanie. I did get to see some people that I knew though and that was really quite nice, we all used to run into each other at the local Hancock but since that's closed, we haven't really seen each other. I did see my former Sandy's work mates and that was a real pleasure, even though the store is 10 minutes away, I rarely have the time (read the car) to get up there. Here's a pic of my bud Velda, she's the sewing teacher extraordinaire

Oh yes and a shout out to my poor cousin Sharon. I hope you feel better today, give me a call if you feel like it. The poor girl hurt her back and I tell you what, I feel her pain. That's totally unfun.


toya said...

matelesse,, there is a pattern in the Oct bwof using this fabric, but I have never seen it, when you post it on your website, can you let me know?

Melody said...


I don't know what I was thiking when I wrote that, it isn't a matelesse which is why I've gone in and corrected the post. It is however a fabu loosely woven wool in a diamond pattern. More like a Chanel fabric.