Friday, October 26, 2007

Flashback Friday: OF's Or Original Fashionistas

It's me and Winnie back when I was just a slip of a girl in our kitchen in Detroit. If I was seventeen, she had to have been almost 60 and look at her! All kinds of Fabulous. Many of you may know that Fashionista Fabrics is dedicated to her memory and this is one of the pictures that confirms her bad fashiony self.

How many black women can get away with blue eyeliner and still look that good. She made her shirt and jacket and it was sweet. I remember when she made it, I thought the fabric was just awful, from the remnant table at Minnesota Fabrics, but she worked that shit, did she not? Yeah, Winnie was the Original Fashionista and I was the junior wannabe fashionista. I'm still trying. The good thing is, when I'm sixty, I'll look like that. Damn!


Shannon said...

Damn is right!! I wish I looked that good now, nevermind at 60!

Linda said...

Wow! No way she is 60!!! You come from some fine genes! Like Shannon I wish I looked that good now and I am creeping up every so slowly toward that age!

I did not know that your fabric site was in her memory. How nice!

Meggy said...

You are right she looks fab! What a woman keeping with her own vibe, I love it!

more cowbell said...

OMFG -- she is fabulogorgeous! And you too! Beautiful women with beautiful smiles.