Monday, September 17, 2007

Excitement For Me And A Question For You

Yes you. Since I have your attention I'll lead with the question. But that, of course, leads me into the story which is the excitement for me. So I was wandering around the internet aimlessly, kicking cans and looking for trouble when I saw a review on Pattern Review for a blouse that I absolutely loved. I recently bought a blouse kinda like it from Nordstroms or Nieman's something. And I know that sounds extravagant but (and here's my midwestern kicking in) it was on SALE!!! I think it was about $40 bucks and it's pretty cute. It's a nice white classic button down with faux french cuffs and a tie at the waist, a picture's worth a thousand words, right?

Well I really like the shirt, but being that it wasn't custom made for me, like my other clothes, it doesn't fit quite right. I'm glad I bought it but I think, you know, I should probably make the next one myself. And that's kinda what this Burda World of Fashion pattern reminded me of, here's a great version. Only I think the burda one is cuter. So I called a local indy store who carries it and they didn't have it. I called GLPnews (the US distributor) and they didn't have it. I looked on ebay, I looked on the PR classified but to no avail. Finally I took my plea to the public and a lovely woman on PR saw it at her local indy so she picked it up and sent it too me. But during the course of my begging, a bunch of other people expressed interest in it as well. So now here's my question:

Should Fashionista Fabrics carry Burda World of Fashion????? I won't move a muscle until I hear from you.


toya said...

of course, not everyone can afford or even what to get a year sub, plus, they are some mags, that are better than others, so I think being able to get that one issue over the internet accessible anywhere by anyone will be a great idea

julia said...

YES! Being able to buy one or two issues at a time would be fabulous. Tag your fabrics with style numbers that you'd recommend as good pattern-fabric pairings and you've offered a resource to the Internet shopper that is very hard to find, but would be most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

That would be wonderful! It's very difficult to get Burda in my area (read internet only).

Anonymous said...

The Yahoo Group, Burda English, often has messages posted by members, wanting to buy a one off copy oF BWOF magazine. Sometimes a person just wants an odd copy and not a whole year's subscription, due to location, styles worn etc.

You have great fabrics at sharp prices, on your site. Tagging them with suitable patterns would be advantageous for your fabric store and potential customers. Being able to source and supply fabrics similar to those in BWOF would be better still.
A short while back, BWOF featured a fabric that just happenned to be in an internet store.

Anonymous said...

I am almost very sure that Burda had a similar blouse/shirt to the Nordstrom(sp?)in one of their magazines. If I find it, I'll let you know which.

Linda said...

I ditto Julia's comments. Being able to buy one or two or all is an option I would like.