Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another Year Older

As my parents used to say "It's better than the alternative" It sure as hell is. I just got back from our long weekend in Saugatuck where the whole gang of us stayed. The whole gang meaning me, Mick, Louie and the pets. It was interesting in that we've never taken Libby anywhere before but since Y.T. died, we felt it would be mean to leave her home alone. She was so awesome. She was good in the car, she wanted out of the cat carrier but then she just sat between me and Lucy the whole way there, or she went under the seat.

Lou was, of course, great fun. I had so much fun with him, everytime I see him, it's a blast. I'm very lucky to have a super cool brother-in-law whom I love. He and Mick and I went kayaking and they took Lucy to the beach and taught (!) her to swim. We ate tons of pie (birthday pie), but got in some good hiking and walking all over the place. This time I didn't get lost on the trail but it was a much shorter trail. I don't think I've had such an active birthday ever, but it was great. My calves were singing! Lucy and Libby are still out of it, they're both zonked out somewhere.

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artist1lisa said...

I wish you many more wonderful years,filled with love,peace,joy and creativity.