Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Cutting Table

I haven't been sewing, but I have been making something. I realized that my cutting table was just not cutting it (pun intended) so I got out an old episode of some DIY show where they built a woman a new cutting table and studied it a few times. Then I printed out the instructions (of which I could make neither hide nor hare) and I set out to Home Depot with my reluctant and resentful husband. Seventy-five bucks and a couple hours later, we were home with several pieces of cut wood and a box of screws. Lately, I've taken to jokingly calling Mickey my personal sherpa because the sherpas are so cool; they carry your stuff and encourage you to keep going and that's basically my Mickster. Anyway, because he's my personal sherpa and not so good at building, he carried all the stuff down for me and moved things into position and shouted encouragements while holding 2 x 4's.
As of yesterday I had gotten the top built and we were going to use the old base but alas, it didn't work, it was too tall with the old top on and when the old top was removed, it wouldn't fit. Back to Home Depot for some more 2 x 4's and a couple of hours later I had legs. I desperately need a shelf below the top because I have too much stuff (UFO's, notions, scrap fabric, boxes of ribbon and elastic, etc) but unfortunately, I didn't plan the shelf with this new base so I may have to go back to Home Depot one more time (I keep saying that, one more time). I can't wait to finish, I've got MDF for the top and I'm going to cover that with a bit of batting and then I'll cover that with some cotton canvas. I'll finally have the cutting table of my dreams. But I'd better not move anytime soon, cause that things almost as big as my whole house. Here it is so far.

If all goes well, it'll be completely done by tomorrow which is my goal since Mick is gone all day tomorrow, I gotta get him to do all the heavy lifting today and I'm going to have to go to JoAnn's and HD while I have the use of the car, I never get to use the car on Thursday's. Wish me luck!!


Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your skills. I'd suggest installing some hanging metal baskets underneath the table top, in those slide thingys so that you can pull them out like drawers.

Mary Beth said...

That's quite an undertaking, Melody! As much help as having a full shelf underneath would be, esp with your biz it might be worth hiring someone to help with the construction of it. I'd love to see your dream come true!

Els said...

Good luck Melody.