Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Diaper Bag

Well, I made it. I didnt't get everything finished that I wanted to. I wanted to make a new dress to wear to the baby shower using the new Butterick 5079. However, I finished the diaper bag at noon and the shower was at 1pm on the other side of town. I had such grand plans. I even bought the pattern not on sale. I hate buying patterns not on sale. I am going to make this dress this week though. I haven't finished a bunch of stuff and we go to Saugatuck for my birthday next week and I would like to have some cute outfits. This dress will definitely be coming with me. I'm trying to talk Lou into going to a club with me, so I need something cute to wear, right?

But the diaper bag came out nicely and Raquel really liked it. It was much bigger than I'd anticipated. I always think the diaper bags are too big but T says you need all that room for the millions of baby supplies. OK, great, she's totally got enough room with this one. Here's Mick modeling the large baby bag. Mind you, he's about a whole foot taller than little Raquel.

The pattern is from the spring accessories issue of Sew News Magazine. The instructions were a bit obtuse and there aren't enough photos but aside from that it comes out pretty nicely, I couldn't figure out how they wanted you to attach the lining to the bag so I improvised and folded it down and it creates a pretty little accent at the top. There were no interior pockets and that seems kinda necessary so I created a two big pockets on the inside to go with the two exterior "bottle" pockets and the zippered flap pocket. I also like that it can be worn as either a backpack or a messenger style bag. That will help Roc with the whole being so tiny thing. She seems to like it. I just can't wait to meet her little "mini Bob"!


Stef said...


This is so cool. I love the fabric and the style. You're my sewing idol. I'm so happy to have found your blog & to see the wonders you work with fabric & a sewing machine. It's amazing!

more cowbell said...

I love the "crazed sewer" name -- ha! I'm so intimidated by people who are good at sewing. Or cooking. Or basically anything domestic. I think I missed that gene.