Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vogue Patterns Fall 2007

Me, Incognito? HA!

I'm really pleased with the Vogue Pattern offering for this fall. I think by looking at these you can kinda tell what my fantasy wardrobe is. I like suits even though I have a jeans and t-shirt kinda life, a girl can dream. That houndstooth off the shoulder jacket is my absolute favorite piece of these patterns. I love it, it is unlikely that I'll make it. I just have no reason to have it, much less spend all the time on pattern alterations on a piece that won't get any use at all, I just can't spend my time on it.

If I do have to wear a suit, I think that Anne Klein 2984 is probably more in the realm of possiblity for the demands of my life. I can see myself wearing all of the other suits as well but the likelihood that I'll need it is slim. I do think the Anne Klein Pantsuit is a really good normal life outfit. I could see myself wearing that while running around being me without feeling overdressed. And plus the seaming on the back of the jacket is simply divine.

There are a bunch of good patterns for knits and since I have so many of them these days, I'm obviously looking at those patterns. I like that dress 8411, it may be an "in theory" dress, but I think that using a lighter weight knit, one that is more drapey than floaty, it could be really attractive, comfortable and kinda slimming. And of course, I like that knit tunic top with the pleat detail at the neckline. Pinkytoo on PR posted a RTW tunic that was $165 and looks pretty damned similar.

I think I'll keep my $165, thank you very much!

The wedding dress is stunning but I already have a wedding dress and can't imagine making one for anyone so, ya know.

I'm still working on my Saugatuck stuff. I've only gotten as far as sewing half of the top of a tunic. I'll post pics as soon as I make some progress.

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Linda said...

I too am liking a lot of the Vogue Fall Patterns!!! Loved the Nordstrom tops and the comparison to patterns. Doable!