Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thanks To Lou

Well the computer is completely back to normal, everything seems to be working fine. I must thank my wonderful bil Lou or Glooey as he is sometimes referred to. He was instrumental in making the thing fully functional. I was finally able to put a ton of new items up at the store. I'm still working on my plan for my vacation wardrobe. Unfortunately for me I have to wait all summer for the getaway. My birthday isn't until September, Labor Day weekend (I call it the National Holiday of Melody because everyone has the day off and can celebrate with me. Some friends have determined that it's really just because I'm a piece of work, either way). Anyhow, I've been drawing styles on my personal croquis and I really like being able to do that, it's like trying on the clothes before I go through the effort of making them. I don't know how many people use a personal croquis but it's really easy to do at home if you have a digital camera. First I get Mick to take a photo of me in just my underwear and shoes. I then load the image into the computer and print out the photo. Once I've got that done I trace the outline of myself and I have a Melody paperdoll. I make a bunch of copies of that and I then draw the pattern images onto the Melody tracing and I get a pretty good idea of what that garment will look like on me. Sometimes it's unfortunate but it's pretty accurate. I think it's a good method for seeing what designs work well for your body type.

This is "me" in a McCall's wrap dress pattern, I think. I think that's pretty darn close to what I'll actually look like in it. At the very least you get fewer unpleasant surprises.

I've been using this method to narrow down my wardrobe choices for Saugatuck, I've nixed a couple of things, once I get it narrowed down, I'll post photos of the croquis.


Isabelle said...

That is so nifty!
You may also trace the outline with a picture software such as the Gimp (freeware), without printing it out.

Thank you for the great tip. You do draw well, too.

julia said...

This really is a great idea, particularly since pattern art seems to use body types that are disproportionally long and lean.

Marji said...

Great Idea, in fact I had the Croquis templates up from Threads (taunton press) on my screen just this AM - we must be channeling the same vibe right now ;)

I LOVE Saugatauk. In fact, I do believe that I'll be making that my summer home beginning next year or maybe the following - details to come, shhhh.

on the new Vogues - check out V8409, they did it in the Vogue Patterns Mag (which is getting to be an awesome publication again BTW) and it's a TDF dress. Now, picture it color blocked - ala the linen dress that Carolyn (CMarie) just did, except in a stable wool knit - do you see it? I think it would be Fab on you. (me too!)
on another note, I looked ALL OVER yesterday for your blog address. You don't have it on your PR profile nor do you have a link to it on your retail site - what gives? are you incognito?