Saturday, July 07, 2007

I've Gotten Another Shipment

I got some really incredible new knits in. They'll be up on the store site next week apparently. We've been having techinical difficulties with the images but I am assured that will be firmly in the past by next week. Anyway, I just got in the coolest stuff, four really cool jersey border prints, some more and different animal prints, a really cool art deco knit print in shades of brown and berries, one that's my favorite that looks like espresso beans on cream. Although I cannot post the photos online yet, I can sew something. I still haven't made that dress so I have been urged by my friends Sheryl and Julie to go sew. It's too hot to walk the dog and Mick's got the car for the day. I am going to listen to "Wicked" on tape and attempt to get my sew on. Last night while listening to the book, I got out some patterns and my sketch pad and I started thinking about doing a little vacation swap so I'll have something nice to wear when we go away this year (again to Saugatuck for my birthday weekend, which I love). I have swimwear so I need something to wear while kicking around the riverfront and of course something for hiking in the park with Lucy. We're taking Libby with us this time because we think she'll be upset if we leave her home alone. I don't think she's ever been alone for more than a few hours. Anyway, enough about the pets, I need to go sew. Right?


artist1lisa said...

Sounds like a nice get-a-way.When is your birthday?

Shannon said...

Melody - I just went over to check out your fabrics and they are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing the new ones. I also noticed that you said you are in Detroit - I live just outside Windsor. Small world. Since I don't have any sewing friends here, it's nice to know that there are kindred spirits, like yourself, nearby.

KimT said...

looking forward to seeing your completed dress.

Melody said...

Hi Lisa, My birthday is Sept 3rd I can't wait to go to Saugatuck.

Shannon, your practically across the street from me. Windsor is just a stones throw away.

Kim, I'm looking forward to seeing my completed dress, if only I could make a decision.