Monday, June 04, 2007

Y.T. The Cat Sleeps With The Fishes

Whitey enjoying the sun and the weeds.

He was my best friend cat. He was smart and fun and funny, witty even. He's been my companion for 17 years. He learned how to play the piano and he sang and loved the Allman Brothers and Bach. Mickey and I used to joke that he would eventually receive a MacArthur Genius Grant. We'll all miss him.

I have to add this photo, this is Whitey's favorite scene from a movie. It's true, Mickey and I were watching Guys And Dolls and when the "Pet Me Papa" show number came on, Whitey not only started staring at the screen but as the girls meowwed he attempted to climb onto the screen to feel them up. He loved a dame dressed up like a cat and all Meow-y


artist1lisa said...

Melody,you have my sympathy.I love animals.Sounds like your cat was a delight.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Oh no, I'm sorry about YT. He sounds like he was very special. I hope you can enjoy your memories.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya. My Blueberry's been gone since 2000 and I still think about her.

I do have to say that Whitey's a hilarious name!