Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why Snoop Shopping

I just realized that it's totally normal for me to go snoop shopping rather than actual shopping. I CAN NOT buy clothes, do ya hear me? Do ya understand? I look at a garment and I think to myself "Oooh, that's cute, hmm, would that look good on me, what's the inside look like?". See that's the third thing that invariably pops up in my head. Once I've checked out how it's put together, I look at the price tag and ask myself is it worth it or should I make a better one. Mostly I come up with the answer in the negative, and decide to make myself a better one, one that fits, I might add. I was so crazy underwhelmed at the mall because I've already seen everything and I have really awesome fabric and practically every pattern, so there's no need for me to go there. Does anyone else have the "I can't shop" disease? I know Mickey's probably super happy about it. I don't think he could even imagine me walking away from him at the Mac store and coming back with bags and bags of clothes. Shoes, maybe. One time I did completely freak out after I quit my good paying job at the museum (7 years ago). I went completely stir crazy and bought 7 or 8 pair of shoes, three or four of which were brown boots. He said I had to send them all back but I refused, he still teases me about it and whenever I do make a new outfit he asks me if it will go with brown boots. He's a good sport.

I'm thinking about sewing today, I may go to a wedding this afternoon, I haven't decided but if I don't I think I'll start work on Butterick 4976. I'm going to use this fabric. I'm getting a head start on my fall sewing. Not because I'm that organized, it's just that I really like this dress pattern and I think it would be perfect for fall with a contrasting brown belt or I'll make the hotpatterns deco vibe cosmopolitan dress
which a bunch of people have made but I gotta say, every version looks absolutely amazing. If that doesn't speak well of a pattern, I don't know what does. Besides, those two dresses are super similar so either way, it'll be good. We'll see what shakes out this afternoon. I won't know till I get there. Oh and by the way, this will so totally go with brown boots.


Adrienne said...

The last thing I bought to wear was for my daughters graduation! That was in May. Hardly ANYTHING before then, and nearly nothing now! lol, I have that same butterick pattern in my stash!

KimT said...

looking forward to seeing this FO!