Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Sunshine Top And My Nutty Friends

So, last night I got invited over to Dos and Ed's new house. She recently got transferred back to our area from having lived in Lansing for three years and Jen was coming in from out of town and a whole bunch of folks from Buffalo to Minnesota (whom I love and adore) were coming in for the fete. I didn't think I wanted to wear that dress I just made, it was 90 degrees and I knew we'd be sitting around outside drinking beer and eating hotdogs. So I actually got my shit together and made that Sunshine top yesterday. OMG what an easy pattern that is. It was so simple, the most difficult part was fusing the interfacing to the neckband and obviously that was no big deal.

It's cute right? I made it a little longer and I but on the band on the bottom so it wouldn't be so voluminous and look maternity-ish. I used the rayon lycra and a solid brown rayon lycra that isn't up at the store yet but will be later and they matched perfectly. I flipped the design of the fabric so the stripes went down instead of across my body. So when I tried it on, I thought, "ooh, this is nice, it feels good, but it too... tight?" I talked myself out of doing the FBA because I thought, "oh the room in those gathers will make enough room for my meager boobage". Talk about being deluded. I sometimes wonder if I think I'm still just a perky "C" cup. Anyway, I just didn't like the way it looked on me but I did have these really cute brown shorts I bought from costco so I decided to wear it. At the last moment, I decided to put my white t-shirt in my purse because I wanted Jen to try on the shirt. Sometimes when I make something without the fba in my regular size it fits her perfectly and I wondered if that might be the case.

So I show up at the party wearing my shirt and I got tons of compliments but I soon dragged Jen off the guest room where I forced her to try on my shirt. My colors always work well on her, I think we must both be autumns or winters or something, I don't know. She looked awesome in it. Much better than me and it fit her boobs the way it was supposed to so Jen is going home with yet another top originally made for me but infinitely better on her. Check it out.

She wore it throughout the party and everyone said "wait, didn't someone else have that on?"

Edited to add: Here's a picture of Jen back in 2004 wearing another top that I'd made for myself and ended up giving it to her.


toya said...

love that fabric, its beautiful, its funny you mentioned being a winter, Adrienne and I are going to be talking about color for you skin tone in next weeks podcast
did i say I love that fabric? lol
have a great day

touran said...

I love the waves on this - perfect. And you're sweet to give it away. I guess with your own fabric store at hand, you can make one that fits perfectly for yourself.

Erica B. said...

Cute top! I love the fabric!

Anonymous said...

You are so right both tops look fab on your friend, she is so lucky. I love that wavy fabric and I am going to get me some and that pattern. How much did you use for the top?

Sharon said...

Cute top! Love the wavy fabric. Looks like you have a very lucky and happy friend!

Janice said...

Did you have to go down in size from the measurements on the back of the envelope?