Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Friend Tracy

I found this picture the other day of my friend Tracy. It was back in her En Vogue phase, I think. She loved this dress (Andrea Jovine) and she says she still has it and still gets compliments on it. She and I grew up together. She has always been like a big sister to me and I spent so much time with her son during his formative years, I take partial credit for the wonderful human being he's become (he's just finished getting a degree in fashion design and marketing).

When we were little girls Tracy used pummel me on a regular basis but everybody else was afraid of her so they left me alone, which I daresay, made my life a little easier. We went to the same grade school but not the same middle school. We ended up in high school together for one year. She was a hoot (and still is). She lived across the street and I remember that we'd sit on the porch together and gossip for hours and people would stop by and we'd talk and talk and talk. We used to watch scary tv shows together (Friday the 13th, The Series and Stephen King's "It") but she'd be at her house and I'd be at mine, we'd stay on the phone in case it got too scary and we'd laugh.

The day she got married I went over to my mom's house to try to scam some food but they weren't home so I (of course) went to Tracy's mom's house. She and her boyfriend were there and they were acting fishy. I wanted some food and she said they didn't have any and that they were going shopping or to lunch, they kept going back and forth. Anyway, I thought "whatever you dudes, I'm hungry" so I went home (around the corner, by now) and she called tem minutes later, "I can't lie to you we're getting married, come with us" So of course I hopped into the car and drove to Toledo for the secret wedding. It turned into a comedy of errors and I kept trying to talk her out of it by the time we got there (two trips, someone forgot her birth certificate, which of course I said was a sign) and in front of the judge I became hysterical. I started giggling and I couldn't stop. I swear I wasn't being a bitch, I just wanted to do something to make her come to her senses but I couldn't think of anything and that's when the hysterical giggling came in. I became so out of control that I had to be removed as witness (as I was now in a heap on the floor still laughing) and replaced by one of the county workers. I suck, I know, I won't even go into how bad I sucked (YIKES!!) upon the arrival of her daughter (just shameful but I did give her some chocolate covered Oreos to make up for it) She never held it against me as she knew I had good intentions and I am crazy (hence the title of this blog). I hope that's how we'll always be. She's crazy fun still. I just wish she sewed, but I guess she doesn't need to.

Now, I promise to get back to sewing. I will finish that dress today, I will I will I will.

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artist1lisa said...

Great friends make great memories.What dress are you sewing?