Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's Finally Finished

WHEW!!! It took me long enough didn't it?? I started this over a month ago I think, yes I remember it was my intention to wear it to my anniversary dinner and that was one month ago today (we still haven't had a chance to go celebrate). This is, of course,
Butterick 4914. I cut this out so long ago that I'd originally cut out sleeves but of course now it's too hot and I'd like to wear it now. It's good for going out to dinner, I think.

I really like the dress but if you notice, I'm standing all weird, well that's because if the skirt isn't flared out like that, I look like a big rectangle with boobs (see bottom photo). I obviously changed it around a bit, I had to do an FBA, much like the one I did on Butterick 5001 but this pattern doesn't have two separate front bodice pieces, just one cut twice so I only had to do the one but I did check it on both sides by doing the tissue fit on faux melody. I changed the sleeves to sleeveless. I used some leftover fabric to bind the armholes so they look nice and finished. I used the coverstitch on the neckline and btw the back neck seems a little big but who cares? I also did something that I thought was soooo clever but didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. This pattern calls for a stay under the ruched portion of the bodice and me thinking ahead ordered some powernet (girdle fabric from The Fabric Depot ) and made the stay out of that. The first draft of the dress is this:
(see big booby rectangle)

I don't know if you can tell from the photo but the waist is just saggy and droopy, no cute ruching and certainly no "girdly cinchiness" I don't think it worked at all. I also had to seam the ruching section because I'd completely sold out of this fabric (yes this came from my store ) by the time I'd settled on what I wanted for that section (I'd orignally though solid brown). I took four (!) inches out of the waist section and now I think it does what it's supposed to. The ruching sort of spread out and took up the necessary space without drooping and the girdle fabric holds me in a bit but if I'm not careful about my posture and poking my stomach out I do tend to take on some sausage characteristics. I just means more walks and less food, I'm glad it's summer.

OOOOH and I forgot to add, the tool shed at my parents house was broken into today and it's literally 4 blocks from the police station.


Peg said...

Melody, I think your dress looks great on you! I love the idea of using the power net fabric as an inside girdle. How did you measure for it? Is it smaller than the pattern piece? I've got some but have no idea how to actually use it! I'm built like you and not brave enough to even try a dress. I wish I had your confidence! You're a great inspiration!

Melody said...

Peg, I did cut the powernet a little smaller than the pattern piece but clearly it wasn't small enough. I knew I'd probably have to make some adjustments. I almost didn't finish it so I'm not brave. But girl I gotta tell you, if you're built like me, the only way you'll ever get a dress that fits is to make it yourself. I tell you I would have thrown this away had the fabric not been completely sold out. I liked the fabric so much, I kept on plugging.

Peg said...

Thanks for the info. The thought of finding anything RTW gives me heartburn! Being a 36DDD on top and a size 10rtw on bottom is quite the challenge! lol I'm not an off the rack gal. I finally got a Uniquely Yours dress form and am, of course, having to completely remake the cover to match me. You keep plugging and I'll keep watching and admiring!

Melody said...

Thanks Peg, I'll be excited to see your dresses when you get that dressform tweaked.

jemima bean said...

Melody I love the dress! Gorgeous fabric. I need to get this pattern out and see whether it will work for me. I'm turning into more of a rectangle every year, so it may not!! :D

Linda said...

Well, the answer is simple. You must stand in the hip-out model pose and at all times and you must take long strides when walking. And never stand with your legs together. The no one will know! Seriously though, it you want it bad enough, cut it off at the dress part and make a top out of it. I saw one just like this on the Nordstrom site.

Marji said...

Hi Melody, I just saw a reference to you on PR and stopped in to read your blog.
I made that dress too, and while I'm built different from you, upside down from you in that I start narrower and keep getting wider ;) , I figured out how to make that waistline ruche.

The deal is, Butterick drafted that waist ruching piece just a tad too wide. The powernet for the stabilizing layer was a good idea. I used a lycra piece, and in fact lined the whole bodice with it. But, in order to get that really tight ruched look, I cut a schosh off the width of the overlay piece. That means that to make it from side to side, it has to stretch a bit, and it pulls up in the stretching. If the underpiece is narrower, the overlay is going to want to droop, because it doesnt' have anything to pull it taught.
know what I mean? My guess is that if you just open up one side seam and undo the gathered piece from the powernet, pull it over 1/2" and then stitch it back down, you'll be a lot happier with it, and it'll create that illusion of the waistline, which is what I love about this dress.
mine is here
BTW, I'm from Michigan. Lived in Detroit area from 1968 - 1991, when I moved up to Traverse City.
love that Rayon jersey you have on your fashionista site right now. Yum!