Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Be Jammin'

Well, the other day when I went to the market I saw that they had a half a peck of peaches for 3.99 and they're those good southern peaches. Of course, I bought a whole peck. These are the best peaches, the kind that make you laugh when you eat it because they're so juicy that peach runs down your face and hand. My neighbor, Tanya, asked me to make some more Peach Melba Jam recently so I got raspberries and some pectin and decided that, since it's hot outside, I should do this really early in the morning (which is what I do anyway). Yesterday was the day. It's kinda tedious peeling all that fruit at 6 am but it's quiet and it was nice and breezy so I decided I should just be zen about it and enjoy the process. I even made up a "making the jam" song, which thankfully no one could hear.
Doesn't that look yummy!
It was going really well and I was having fun. But I had all those peachskins and raspberry seeds just sitting there and I thought, "that would be a great scrub" well whatever, you know, I was busy what with ladling and sterilizing and screwing (the jar tops on, shame on you!) But when I finished with the water bath, they looked suspiciously un set. I think the peaches were too perfectly ripe and it didn't gel enough. I realized I had made several jars of Peach Melba Syrup. You know that happens, so what do you do when you've got syrup... you make pancakes. Mick was still asleep so I made a quick batch of pancakes and brought him breakfast in bed. It was CRAZY good! But me being a diabetic, I can't eat that stuff too often so I've got a list of people who'll be getting syrup very soon. I already gave Tanya two jars.

The scrub I did later when Mick was at work, I sat down and steamed with some dried lavender flowers to open my pores then I put the fruit scraps into the food processor with some oats, it made a nice paste but it wasn't scrubby enough so I added a handful of sugar as I was loading it onto my face, It was awesome.
The fruit is an alpha-hydroxy kinda thing and the sugar was the perfect exfoliant. I left that on for a few minutes and rinsed and moisterized with a handful of honey

I know I look ridiculous, but honey is an awesome humectant and it's anti-bacterial as well. I sat around looking like this and I swear my dog was scared of me. Anyway, DO NOT ever let honey get in your eyes. The tiniest bit dripped down into my right eye and I was all screaming and flailing, blindly trying to make my way to the kitchen sink. Ooh that shit hurts. But now my skin is all soft and fabulous. I looked so good by the time Mickey got home he didn't even notice my swollen red eye. Oh what a girl will do for beauty.

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