Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Damn, Can't A Sister Catch A Break?

So yesterday as I was rambling around the house, missing my sweet little kitty, my brother called. Now, I don't really talk to my brother because he has a variety of problems, the least of which is alcoholism which is just a symptom of his larger issue, schizophrenia. However, yesterday he was very lucid and nice (he does not like me). Anyway, he called to tell me that our parents house, which I've been kind of caretaking since my dad died (it's been a big probate thing, my dad was my stepdad, blah, blah, yadda) was broken into. He didn't know when, he just knew that the window was broken and from what he could tell stuff was everywhere. Well Mick and I went over there today to board up the window and I tell you, it was a sight. The house had been tossed. Everything that I hadn't taken out yet was all over the floors in every room. It just breaks your heart to see some shit like that. It just felt so disrespectful of my poor dead parents and chances are, the robbers probably knew my parents, everyone in that neighborhood knows each other. Anyway, it puts it in very sharp focus that I need to pack everything else up out of there. I've got to hire movers to get everything out (you can't really have a garage sale in that neighborhood, at least I don't think so) and I have to have their cars towed away and I have to dispose of a huge motor home in the back. At that point I'll finally be able to begin the process of cleaning and selling. The light at the end of the tunnel seems a thousand miles away. OY VEY!

At least I'm home now and I can finish my dress. I'm working on Butterick 4914 and I have been forever it seems. I'm almost finished. I've decided to make it sleeveless since it's practically summer and I'm going to bind the sleeves. It's just that and hemming. I'm going to sew for the next 4 hours, if it kills me.


julia said...

Melody, I'm so sorry - what an invasion. My recent burglars were much more mannerly, but I truly understand how offensive this is. Get some stitch-therapy and be well...

Sharon said...

Oh that's terrible! That happened to the kids and I once also. Fortunately we had moved most of our stuff out, but we went back to finish the job and our home had been broken into. Oh, such a mess and such senseless vandalism. It does feel like such an invasion.

Isn't it wonderful to have sewing to fall back on as a way to unstress?