Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Computer Is Back

Whew! That was a bit of scary. My Mac mini is only a year and a half old and the dude at the Mac store yesterday kept telling us about how it might not work again. He was an arrogant jerk, actually. The guy from the previous day told us to come back when we had time and we could erase the hard drive for free at the "genius" bar. Mick could put all the stuff back on at home then yesterday, this jerk guy who must be the head "genius" told us it'd cost us $190 for them to do it because it couldn't be done at the bar (the previous guy told us it'd be $100 if we couldn't do it at the bar) but then jerk genius said we could do it if it's not too busy. It was 10am we were the 1st customers. Anyway he kept scaring us with all these crazy dollar figures and how this wasn't going to work and we shouldn't be trying to do a bunch of stuff on an "entry level computer". Yeah, nice, the apple guy telling us that apple is crap. Turns out it could be done at the "genius" bar and Mick had saved everything on an external hd so didn't lose the last pictures of my cat and my mom and dad and all the other stuff you save on a computer. I'm just glad we didn't need to replace the computer, I just don't have that kinda cash.

Since the guy was being a jerk and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold my tongue for the whole time; I went shoe shopping. I only went to payless and I got two cute pair of sandals for cheap ($17) and then I walked around the mall and did some snoop shopping. Man, are Pucci style prints big right now, you can't throw a cheesecurl (Mickey's saying) without hitting a Pucci print. I didn't see anything unusual or that I couldn't make or didn't already have a pattern for which is totally cool. I got inspired to get down to the sewing room and sew, sew, sew. I have a bunch of really cool border prints that I'll be putting up at Fashionista this week as soon as all the software is reloaded on to the computer and I'm spending the upcoming weekend uploading patterns.

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