Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Because moms are so cool, I'm having a Mother's Day Sale at the store.

Moms, what can I say. Mom's are awesome and sometimes crazy-making but always awesome. I was lucky in that I had a most fabulous mom who was super cool and taught me to be open-minded and a strong feminist. She would never have referred to herself as such but she totally was. She was self-reliant and extremely capable. If it needed to happen, she would make it happen. She was totally adventurous, I hear that black people don't like to go camping. Well that just wasn't the case with my parents. My mom wanted to experience everything she possibly could, she refused to be segregated. One summer in 1972, they bought a motorhome and took me and my brother on a month long trip from Michigan to California. We stopped at all the coolest places, the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Carlsbad Caverns and while we had beds, a stove, a refrigerator and bathroom, we camped in the forest. We'd go for long hikes or ride our bikes down forest roads and go swimming or fishing in the lakes. We had a grand time. To this day, in my little family, I'm the adventurous one. I'm the one dragging Mick to go rock hounding in New Mexico or splitting for the holiday weekend to go camping in Arkansas or even taking a ferry to a desolate island in Lake Michigan for 20 miles of hiking.

My mom taught me how to sew and I have pictures of myself when I was three sitting in her sewing machine case. She was a painter and a fashion model. She absolutely cherished Vogue magazine and she would see something she liked and copy it for herself. She gave me a great appreciation for color and texture and pattern and of course fashion. I'll wear something cute even though it doesn't come in my size because I can make it my size. I have my mom to thank for that and for so many other things I'm glad I have. I think she'd be pretty happy with the course my life has taken and I salute my mom Winnie and all the other moms out there. YAY MOMS!!!!!!

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