Tuesday, May 29, 2007

HA! I Haven't Even Finished The First Purse

I read Linda's comment on my last post and it has inspired the title of this post. I am trying but I just can't stay focused on one thing. I've been putting up loads of new fabrics at my new store . I really want to make something from one of the knits but I can't decide what to make. I cut out a dress from one of the knits, but it already sold out, but that's good!! I haven't decided what to make either, I think I want to make a wrap dress because I really like that look on me but I just don't know. I was also thinking a cute summer top.

The purse got shoved to the back burner because of the pre NYC trip anxiety and that kidney infection. Now that I'm back and healthy I can devote my time to something. I just have to pick one thing, start it, work on it, and finally... complete it. WOW!!! What a novel idea. The purse is appealing too because I got killer hardware for it and then once I've got that one done, I should be able to knock out the "Pucci=style" one being that I'm using the same pattern, different view.

I do fully intend to spend the day in the sewing room tomorrow and I'm not leaving until something's finished.

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