Thursday, May 24, 2007

Goodies and Fabulous Finds

Wow! What a whirlwind. I wish I had taken pictures but I'll just have to be very descriptive instead. I was in NYC on Tuesday for about 18 hours. I walked and walked and walked, whew! I'm still tired. I bought some lovely things. The best thing about it was it was all me. I came alone (which scared the crap out of me btw, I used to do everything alone, now it's rare if I go grocery shopping alone) so I got to wander around and linger and go into every single store I wandered past. I had a blast listening to my ipod on the bus coming in from the airport. One of the songs on there is Barry Manilow "New York City Rhythm" (don't kill me, I had a crush on him when I was 9, um, I know you're mocking me, stop it!) Anyway, I played that song on the way in on the bus, it was cheese-tastic. I had a hard time not cracking up laughing and making the other passengers think I was nuts ( but really I guess the Barry song proves I am nuts, huh?) I met up with my brother in law for lunch and he introduced me to his colleagues and we had a lovely lunch somewhere on 9th Avenue. One of the places I'd never been was to B and J Fabrics. WHOA MAMA! It is a beautiful store with everything you could ever want, it's very neat and tidy and they were playing Deelite on the store sound system, how fun is that. I was just dancing through the store looking at all the fabulosity. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I can't afford to shop there. I took my lil po' ass down to Mood and I got a nice piece of white leather because Linda over at Patterns, Fabric and Thread, Oh My! Is copying this Pucci bag, of course I thought "What a great idea!" I love that one pink pucci bag

and I have some fabric that I really like, heck I even have the eyelets and the pink snaps. The only missing componet is the white leather and wouldn't you know they had the perfect piece. I hope it's big enough, I'll probably end up with many "design" changes.

I have to give props to my absolute favorite bakery in Manhattan. It's in the East Village, around the corner from Veniero's Pasticceria & Caffe on the corner of 11th street and 1st avenue. I never remeber the name, but it's right there on the corner. They make the best cookies (and I do not give out cookie compliments easy, I think I'm better at cookies than everybody, until I tried these) I always get an apricot sandwich cookie which is two thin vanilla cookies with a schmeer of apricot jam in between and half dipped in chocolate. YUM! She also has these little treats called "Truffle Buttons" OH MY GOD! so crazy good. Everytime I'm in the neighborhood I stop in.

Anyway, I walked my feet down to nubs and by 6pm I was curled up and thinking about napping. I had just enough energy to go across the street for dinner and drag my sorry ass back to the apartment to sleep for 4 hours before getting back on a plane to come home. All in all, it was fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! This post made me laugh; I was a total Barry Manilow fan when I was a pre-teen too. I still get teased about it. I don't care, I still listen to him. Now you've gotten me singing Barry & Deelite to myself all within 2 minutes.

Linda said...

I am so jealous that you found everything you need to make your bag. I have set my project aside in total frustration. Maybe after making a couple of dresses I'll go back to it and try again. For now I am happier getting something finished! I can't wait to see your finished bag. I love that bag you chose too. Maybe I'll have to make one. :) That is if I can ever get my own made first.