Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fashionista Fabrics

I haven't been sewing too much lately and there's a real reason. I've been making Fashionista Fabrics. I'm starting out small but I planning on offering new items every week. I am seriously in love with fabric and fabric stores. I'd been thinking about doing this for years now but I had too many familial concerns. Now that life has seemingly calmed down I though "Hey, why don't I do this?" I've worked in retail a bunch. I've worked at Hancock Fabrics and for a sewing machine dealer. I throughly enjoyed the experience of talking sewing, finding out about projects and helping the customers. I had an ebay presence for some years and that was always a pleasant experience. I hope this new project goes well. I know that I'm a total fabric and pattern detective.

(I have this fabric)

There's probably nothing I enjoy more. Today I'm placing an order for high quality purse supplies. I'm totally jazzed about this!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!


Linda said...

Oooooooh Melody - You make my heart sing and wallet hurt! Another fabric source - yippeeee. It is getting so much easier to find the right fabrics because sewists like you are doing this. You know what we want! Congratulations.

BTW where is the wrap dress from? It helps to know the source of the design. Also I would suggest that you include washing instructions where you can on your fabric. That is a big deciding factor when I make my buying decisions. I am planning now!

Linda said...

I forgot to ask one more question - What forms of payment do you take? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A great big congratulation Melody and one more place for me to get myself yummy fabrics.
Good on you and best wishes with your new venture.

artist1lisa said...

Melody ,I'm so happy for you.I wish you great success.You are so cool and an inspiration.I'll be shopping soon.