Saturday, May 12, 2007

Current Project and Sickly Me

I hate being sick, so much so that I don't like to acknowledge it until I'm forced to go to the doctor and get a million prescription drugs. I used to tease my dad about how many pills he took. He's probably looking down at me and laughing his ass off. I feel like I just need to call the pharmacy and tell them to set aside one of everything for me. I like to believe that I'm young and healthy but even when I was young, I wasn't that healthy. I missed weeks of school every year because of some ailment. Anyway, that's what has been keeping me from sewing. I was feeling a little too wacked out on drugs to work with pointy sharp things.

However, I am feeling much better and I started working on my latest purse. It's my first attempt at working with leather and so far, it's a pleasure and a joy. I'm using Vogue 7703, which unfortunately, is out of print. It's really cool because it's very much like a RTW bag. I looked on Zappos and I found a bunch of bags which are reminiscent of this one but really crazy expensive. I personally am not inclined to spend three hundred bucks on a purse. But I will try and re-create
a three hundred dollar bag.
I'm making the yellow one in the top right corner. I'm using black leather that was purchased at Mood for christmas. This is how far I've gotten. The interfacing is hair canvas which I glued to the leather and the seam allowances were glued down. I'm using a 90/14 leather needle and it's working out nicely. I'm particularly happy with the center seam topstitching. I used the needle adjust capability on my sewing machine. I centered the seam and the little red dot on my presser foot and adjusted the needle to either side of it. That way all I had to concentrate on was keeping the center seam on that red dot.
I clipped at the curves and glued them down as well. Now I'm putting pockets in the lining, including a zipper welt pocket. I have fabulous hardware (much like those on the Donald J. bag) for the finishing touches and I'll be selling those on Fashionista. I also got the tiniest quantity (one 2 7/8 yard piece and one 4 1/3 yard piece) of much wished for, high quality, black cotton eyelet for sale that I just posted yesterday, it's so amazing, what I like to call "the goods".

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I'm sitting here holding my breath waiting to see this one.Girl your blog is so greatly informative.