Monday, April 16, 2007

Sewing Just For Fun

Lately things have just been too heavy. I decided that I needed a break, a big friggin' break. I kept trying to work on my dress but that was causing me all kinds of body anxiety. I realized I was being a big idiot to keep punishing myself like that and one day I just lost it. Julie came over because she's a good friend and we were going through some of my stuff in the sewing room and I showed her my cat quilt that was in process. She made the good point that it looked really cute and cheerful and I had to admit that she was right.

So I started working on it again. It's been nice. Fun, no pressure, no deadline, no cost sewing ( I already have everything I need). I got much of the fabric from various fabric swaps on the quilting forums and the quilting forum. The last swap I did was a year long 10" fabric swap. It was really fun to get all the different fabrics every month. I think the 30's fabric swap was last march or april. I got like 40 10" squares of fabric. Here's a cute cat closeup:

I've so far made 20 blocks but I've decided to make nine more. Raquel's having a baby boy and I've cut out 5 blue cats for that and 4 more cats for mine. I swear it's totally saved me. Lisa spoke of "zen" sewing and this experience was purely that. I plan to get back to my dress today. I feel much less overloaded (maybe it was because of tax time). Every once in a while I get sad about things but I'm super happy and super lucky to have wonderful people in my life who help pull me out of the emotional quicksand. You guys are great and love to all.

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