Thursday, April 19, 2007

Learning Something New

I love that dress I just made because I have a new dress but more importantly, because I learned something about myself. Not just about my sewing habits but about how I think about things. I was sooooo reluctant to do that fba, because as I said I never want to take the time. When I don't do those necessary steps though, the clothes just don't fit right. I am constantly tugging at my tops which aren't long enough or don't provide enough coverage. Because I actually wear these clothes, I look at the hems and the necklines and wrinkles in the arm. I never like it but I won't do the work to prevent it. Two days ago, when I was putting the steam a seam in the skirt hem, I kept telling myself "Oh who cares, you don't need to do this. Just sit there and hold the fabric steady" But I know from experience that if I do use the steam a seam in the hem basting process, I get much more control over the coverhem. I also know that if I were making it for someone else, I'd be much more careful. I'd make sure every thread was snipped, every hem was even. I have been de-valuing myself through sewing.


I fully intend to take the time to re-thread the serger for the perfect stitch, I'm going to mark those pattern indications perfectly, I'm going to measure the hems. I'm going to hand baste when needed. It's those little details that make the wearer look and feel really good. It's one thing to spend a bunch of money on a dress or a jacket, but it's a whole lot cooler to have made one that looks like you spent a bunch of money. I love wearing clothes with those little details that I couldn't afford otherwise. If I'm going to go through whole process of making something, I should make it as well as is possible.

Next up on the cutting table:

Butterick 4914

I figure I'm having good luck with the wrap dress, hopefully this one will work out well. I may also start work on my leather purse. OOOH!!


Mary Beth said...

Well Melody!!! How come I didn't know you were blogging? Oh duh!!!

Love the dress in the previous post. You are one Sexy Babe!

Hope your weather is warming up as it finally is here. :)

artist1lisa said...

You are so right.You are well worth the extra effort.By the way,I'm guilty of some of those same crimes,re-threading the serger,percision marking and my biggest crime,changing that needle.

I can't wait to see the next dress and purse.