Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Off The Fabric Pile

Is it the same picture? Nope, it's my two new pairs of brown pants. I'm in a brown phase right now, I don't know why but it'll work well with the plethora of brown everything else I own (so see a crazy pink top makes sense). This first pair is from the Butterick 4789 Maggy London twist top pattern. I like them because they're loose and have a big leg. I know that slim pants are the new look but I'll be happy wearing these in spite of fashion. They're made with a brown cotton interlock, Nice weight for a summer/spring pant. I like the drape and they way they move when I walk.

These are from the Nancy Zieman Mccalls 4600 which is now out of print. These have a closer silhouette and I made this pair from a really nice Rayon Poly Lcra. I'm not sure which pair I like better.

Very little to say about the construction. Two pieces to cut out + elastic waist + no pockets=no time at all to make. I took no photos because I just forgot, I got busy sewing. The next pair of elastic waist pants I make, I'll do a short tutorial.


Debbie Cook said...

I'm not sure which pair I like more either. They're both very nice. Good job on getting 2 pairs sewn up!

MéLisa said...

I like them both too. Seeing as I have that Maggie London pattern I might have to give them a try. I have to say that I am with you. I am not loving the new skinny legs. I did that the first time they came around & I love my straight legs & bootcuts thank you!