Saturday, March 24, 2007

Now, The Bad News

Hancock Fabrics is closing down their entire Michigan region. Stewart Fabrics is closing and my neighborhood Joann's closed in January. What is to become of me and my shopping jones? I like going to the stores and hanging out. I like sitting down at the pattern table and poring over the new designs with friends. I like talking to the ladies who work at these stores. I like meeting new people in the cutting table line when you ask "What are you making?" and they ask the same. Once, I went to Hancock and saw my friend Barb and my friend Mert was working (she knows Barb too) then Rosa came in and we all know her and then someone else we knew came in. Mert said we should all meet at the bar afterwards, I said "this is the bar for me, this is my Woodstock". I heard that sewing is coming back so damn! Why are all the stores closing? Oh and to add insult to injury, all the HP patterns that I just bought 2 days ago are now half off AND I just got my Hancock fabric sales flyer with customer appreciation days. They just don't appreciate us in Michigan. Oh Well.

On a happier note, I just finished my first new HP top. The Butterfly top to be precise. It was so easy, just like the pattern says. I like it, I tried it on with my new brown pants but the top is too full of ease to go with pants that also have a ton of ease. I do like it with jeans.


Linda said...

Gorgeous top! Congratulations on being the first one I've seen post a finished new Hot Pattern. You know, I didn't get this one, but after seeing it on you, I am putting it on my list.

Sorry to hear you are losing your gathering place. I don't understand why this has to happen either. Let's hope that Hancock's recovers enough to open more stores.

Marji said...

At least m'dear you have Habermans, which I would take over Hancock anyday.
Sad to hear that Peggy isn't making a go of it.
If you ever get up to Traverse City, go see Deb at Fine Fabrics and Design. Great fabrics at unbelievable prices.
Christine Jonson is in your neighborhood too.
Love your top.