Sunday, March 18, 2007

Maggy London Twist Top

The finished top. It is very, very simple to make, so I intend to make the dress version of this in a more subdued fabric. This reminds me of a crazy 70"s aunt, nutty but fun.

The only alteration I had to make was to accomodate the girls. They need quite a bit of room, so I added length to the bottom of the top half of the bodice. I just drew it onto the pattern.

This is the front pieces sewn together, You only sew up to the square marking on the pattern and then you turn and hem the edges above that which make the v-neckline.

This is the hole that is used to form the twist. It needs to be stablilized with some stitching and then clipped and hemmed. This is done on both sides of the garment.

This is the right front of the bodice sewn together, you can see where the little hole is left near the center. After this part is sewn down the left front goes through that hole and then back over to the left side to meet the lower half of the bodice and sewn right sides together. That's the twist.

The back had two darts for shaping which I think is really important and gives it a much nicer look in the back. After this is done the shoulders get sewn together, the back neck (which is also a "V") gets hemmed and the side seams go together. Then all that's needed is hemming the bottom and the sleeves.

Now, had I not been on pain pills and a little loopy, I might have done things differently. For instance, I would have used steam a seam to make the neckline and sleeve hems. I also would have stabilized the twist hole (sorry, I can't think of what else to call it) with some fusible interfacing. But all in all, I like the top and I've been snoop shopping and there are so many twist tops in ready to wear that it doesn't make sense not to have an additional one. Plus it looks good on a plus size figure.

This is the long sleeve dress version at Nordstrom. I think I spent well under $20, so I've saved about $80. Does this mean I can buy more fabric?

And Shannon, no I don't think it's too deep a "V" because there's so much fabric in the twist you can maneuver the "V" so that is is less revealing or more revealing. I would have taken a picture of myself in it but I feel I'm having a fugly day.

Fugly day or not, here it is!


Shannon said...

Hey, thanks for the quick reply - I appreciate it! :)

Linda said...

I have this pattern and yet to make it. It looks great on you! Your information was very helpful.

austin said...

You look great! I also have this pattern and haven't made it yet. What an incentive to get it done!

MéLisa said...

I made this pattern last summer & really liked it but I need to snug up the front a bit cause my girls don't fill it out as well as yours. Your looks great though. Love the fabric!

Anonymous said...

Love the wild fabric! I am a plus size also and glad to know I am not the only one who loves wild fabric.
Looks good on you and easy to make too.

Anonymous said...

I have this pattern and have destroyed it now twice. I think that it's probably so simple that I am missing something or making it too complicated. I don't understand how to actually make the hole in order to make the twist. Is this a hole that I will actually need to cut or should the hole be formed simply after I sew from the side seam to the circles. I really like the pattern and it seems pretty quick.