Thursday, March 29, 2007

Interesting Week

I have had an exceptionally bad few days with some flashes of good. My nephew is in town and I suspect he's up to no good. He's already caused trouble for me. But after having vented on Patternreview and gotten some really good and nice feedback from a bunch of people (and the locks changed), I feel much better.

I've been reading "YOU, On A Diet" and normally I don't go in for that style of writing because I feel it's too simplified but this I like. I think it's a complicated enough subject that it helps to really dumb it down (at least for me it helps).

My poor old ass cat had to be taken to the vet, he's 17 and he hadn't been eating and he was getting skinnier and skinnier. I got the call from the vet and he has a racing metabolism and is going to need meds twice a day


for the rest of his life


Anyway, I haven't been sewing. I managed to get my dress cut out but that's as far as I got. I have so much sewing and laundry to catch up on, the sewing is cool, the laundry not so much.

I do have one cool sewing thing to share. It isn't by me, but by my late mother, who is also my sewing and fashion inspiration. She's the orginal "Fashionista". She made this super cool skirt to wear presumably to some fabulous party she was going to (1970's). She'd taken care to do a really nice job on this and she'd planned to wear it with her black turtleneck catsuit and black boots. She even had some crazy big jewelry and she'd made a matching clutch bag. Well she was all done and was trimming out some of the lining seam allowance when she accidentally cut a whole right through the outer fabric. No, not in an inconspicuous area in the front of the skirt in an inopportune spot. She was devastated. I think she had a little cry over that one. The next day, she laid the skirt out on her bed and looked at it and looked and looked. Finally she started working on it again. I didn't see it again until she got dressed for the party and in the space where the big hole was, she'd bound the edges and attached a black and gold iridescent scarf to the top (of the hole) with a jeweled pin in the shape of a sitar. Here's the skirt,

I'll always keep it. It reminds me of what I'm made of.

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