Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm Going to Make a Top Tonight

I've sitting around for way too long not sewing. I've decided to make this Butterick top this evening. Even though Buttericks don't generally work for me because the armscye is cut really wrong for my body type, I think I'll be O.K. since this is sleeveless. Besides I really miss sewing and I've been so busy with other aspects of it that I haven't had time to sew (I'll elaborate later). So tonight I'm sitting at my sewing machine, lumbago (I love the word "lumbago" I know no one refers to it as that but it's funnier than "sciatica" that sounds like a scary prison) be damned, and I'm going to sew until the pain pills wear off (or until I fall asleep). I think I'll make the pants too in brown for the pattern stash contest on Pattern review. Then I'll move onto leggings and possibly a dress. We shall see.


julia said...

It's a great top and I hope the evening makes for great sewing therapy! Have fun.

Shannon said...

I have coveted that top for a while now. Please let us know if the V-neck is really low.