Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2 ou 3 Choses Que Je Sais De La Couture

or 2 or 3 things I know about sewing

Yes I do like french film but that's neither here nor there, so I stole the title, who cares it's not like Godard's gonna be reading this blog. Anyway, I decided to make a list of the things that I alway say to people when I'm asked about sewing. I am no expert but I know a couple of things (hence the title). These are the things I always tell beginners so it's not like it's the holy grail of sewing wisdom. Anybody who's been sewing for awhile already knows. They are:

1. Right sides together (most of the time unless you're doing a specialty seam application; Kind of like A E I O U and sometimes Y).

2. If the thread is bunched up on the bottom, check the top threading and if it's bunched up on the top, check the bobbin threading.

3. Always cut your notches outward and not inward (unless you're serging a seam and lopping off the notch, then cut a tiny bit inwards.)

4. Don't be afraid of zippers. They're easy once you get used to it.

5. Pre-treat your fabric. Launder your fabric the way you'll be laundering the finished garment before you start, you'd hate to finish that lovely wool coat only to send it to the cleaners and have it come back with really short sleeves.

6. What's the worst that can happen, it's just sewing. Even if you totally ruin what you've been working on, it wasn't a waste of time because you learned something. And if it's ugly so what, how many times have you bought something ugly, just get rid of it and move on.

7. They'll always be more fabric. (this one's courtesy of Sherrill and she's totally right)

8. Just like in carpentry, measure twice, cut once.

9. Never use crappy fabric or interfacing.

10. Feel the fear and sew anyway.

So, those are the things that I know, everything else, I'm still trying to figure out.


Debbie Cook said...

Good words of wisdom. Except I'm a bad girl. I always cut my notches inward with a snip. ;-)

Melody said...

Debbie, you can do anything you want as long as you keep turning out that beautiful work that you do!

fork said...

2 or 3 things indeed - it is great to be in contact with you and learn how to sew - I could learn to sew here i think - read a great article about that Godard film - ahhhhhhhhhh love it - I will look for it for ya - there is a paper called Brooklyn Rail I know you would like it David Meyers writes about film - more about fabric I should stick to the subject - I just fell down laughing CrazyLaday Pantyhose that is a Detroit memeory a specific time huh - that makes me laugh soooo much and I have nobody to laugh with I mean how could you explain that hahahah - so I thank you for sharing your inspiration I never knew - Alithea looks like me I KNOW RIGHT - oxoxx

cmarie12 said...

Melody ~ that is really great advice that you are passing on. I especially like #6. Too many times people think that if that garment didn't work then nothing else will either and that is just not the case!

artist1lisa said...

Well said,Melody.Great advice.I really like number 9 and 10.I live by those.
Speaking of"stealing" I want to swipe this topic for my blog.