Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Roman Shades

Well the roman shades are done for both windows. I've been planning on making these for years, probably since we painted the room which was what, like three years ago. I got the fabric from this great little place that no longer exists that was near Herman Miller. Talk about getting some great home dec fabrics. I have the creme de la creme of home decs, this being one of my favorites. It's a Jhane Barnes 100% spun polyester called, Drift, in the burgundy colorway. I got almost 3 yards for probably a buck. I'll have to pat myself on the back in that I can find me some good fabric.

I like the way this fabric goes with the olive wall, it has a little green in it, I just think it works well with this color wall. Plus because it's so densely woven, it blocks out nearly all of the light which I like, I just don't like the idea of people being able to see in. I dunno, it creeps me out.

I put this purple lining on it because my friend "Dos" told me that according to feng shui, you should have a fiery purple on you south facing office window. I know to listen to Dos, besides her having exquisite taste (she could have a whole other successful career as an interior designer), she's always right. We used to call her the oracle of oliver street. So here's my fiery purple as according to Dos. I hope it works.

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Leora Louise said...

What a gorgeous window treatment you made! The colors all work so well together. Nice job!!