Friday, February 23, 2007

My New Office

WooHoo!! I love Ikea

We've got the new desks and cabinets put together. Here's the result.

After many, many trips to Ikea and each time picking up a new essential piece and figuring out how to put this stuff together. Mickey did all the heavy stuff and he moved all of the junk out of the room. I think we've done a nice job. I love the way it looks.

I keep this picture of my crazy little dad on my desk. I know if he were here, he'd say, "Well Go On Girl".


cmarie12 said...

Melody - love the new pieces...the room looks sleek and modern...very kewl!

artist1lisa said...

Wow! It looks great.I'll bet you'll be motivated to get alot of work done in such a inviting space.
Your Dad is hansome.