Monday, February 12, 2007


I'm going to Ikea to get my new desk hook up this afternoon. I may have swedish meatballs with lingonberries for lunch as well. I'm so excited. Finally I'll have enough room to move my mouse around. Here's the current state of the computer area.

Well, now I'm back from Ikea with boxes and boxes of pieces. I couldn't bring my desk top home because it's bigger than our car. I have a hold on it until tomorrow but I hear we're going to get an amazing winter storm tomorrow, but we may be able to beat it if we get to U-haul and the store crazy early. This isn't going to be easy for us, we're very late sleepers but maybe tomorrow we'll have to get by with a nap. I'm excited about both the furniture and the storm. I love winter storms but only when I and everyone around me is safe at home, enjoying a nice hot bowl of soup or some such thing. They're just so beautiful and everything gets really quiet and peaceful. If we do get a nice snowfall, I'll post some pictures of it and hopefully, my new office hookup. Oooh, speaking of "hookup" while Mick and I were looking through the home organization section of the store he happened upon a desk set that he liked he said, "Hey Mel, here's the hook-up".

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