Saturday, February 10, 2007

Butterfly Bag Illustrated

The first thing is to mark the pleats in the bag front and back pieces and pin them in position, of course I did it backwards initially and had to re-pin the thing.

I then serged the top of the front and back, securing the pleats down, the next step is to sew the darts in the front and back at the bottom and then sew the sides and back together.

You'll notice old style carbon paper for typewriters, that's what I use to mark on the wrong side of the fabric. I use a ball point pen with no ink in it just to get the impression onto the fabric.

Now I've completed the bag body, next step is the lining pocket which is simply two rectangles sewn together to create an edge finished rectangle which then gets sewn to the body (one side) of the lining along the sides and bottom. Then you stitch down the sections determined by your needs.

Once the lining pocket is on the sides need to sewn together and the bottom darts need to be sewn in. Sew a small section of the lining bottom but leave enough open to fit the entire bag, handles and all through.

The bag facing has to be sewn to the lining and then the top needs to be completed

This is the lining/facing piece. This is going to be part of the sandwich that is the bag.

Because my handles are smaller than what the pattern calls for, the slope of the top has to be adjusted to accomodate the narrowness of them. Once that's done, I interface all 4 pieces of the top. I used a lighter weight Pellon interfacing. Then two of the pieces get the magnetic snap. These areas experience great stress so I double interfaced in the area of the snap on both pieces. I marked the placement and made small snips to fit the snap ends through. My very strong husband pushed the snap ends down upon itself.

Then the handles get pinned in place.

And the facing piece for the top is placed and sewn.

This then gets turned right side out and it will lay between the rightside of the bag body and the rightside of the lining/facing combo. Stitch and then turn through the hole in the bottom of the lining. Then you have a lovely bag. Here's a view of the inside.

Most importantly, Press, press and press as you go.


artist1lisa said...

This bag is AWESOME! The tutorial is very inspiring.It's cool to see the actual process.

Melody said...

Thanks Lisa, I like doing the tutorial on the blog, it's easy to see the process and hopefully it'll save the next person from having to rip out those extra strong seams.

Patzee said...

I really appreciate your tutorial. It's extremely helpful!

cmarie12 said...

Love, love, love the bag especially the lining! Thanks for sharing your process!