Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Spring Vogue Patterns

I really (I mean really, I've got 14 patterns on my list) like the new spring Vogue collection. I would have posted more photos but I ran out of room, so I just picked my absolute favorites.

This Oscar de la Renta is pure Oscar but on a much more normal chick, wearable level. It's romantic and old country but for 2007. Of the three versions of this blouse, I find the two on the right to be the most wearable, in fact I was looking through the most recent InStyle magazine and a blouse similar to this (but not as good) shown under a short Juicy Couture jacket with a nicely creased pant and pumps for a grown up look. I can see this being a key piece in a sophisticated day-to-night look. I love it.

This Donna Karan look is absolutely perfect for casual wear. It looks comfortable yet not slovenly, it's sporty without wearing some junk from the men's table at Costco (believe me, I know). I also think it's a beautiful age appropriate (I'm 41) answer to Juicy Couture and reminds me of Laura Bennett and her "no jeans, ever" policy.

This I didn't even notice at first, which I have to say makes me happy on a different level. I only looked because I saw it was Issey Miyake. I'm a huge fan of that design house (as Mr. Miyake has retired) and I've a large stash of Miyake patterns beginning with the first one purchased in 1983, my mom refused to make it for me she said, "Issey Miyake, don't you mean, It'sa Mistake". Later though she came around and began to like the avant garde style of the garments, what with their origami like shaping. If you just see this suit coming towards you, you think "yeah, whatever" but wait....

Check out the back of that jacket, it's so sculptural and even whimsical. It's precise and severe but at the same time it's whimsical. Genius I say!!!!

Shown on the runway with pants puts the jacket in a different context and you can see yourself wearing it with jeans or drainpipe trousers, like the trousers from the Donna Karan pattern.

The skirt is shown on the runway with a cropped Miyake jacket, much like the one that is prevalent on Ebay these days (vogue 2485) with sandals, it's got a wonderful beachy feel to it. These pieces work wonderfully as separates but also beautifully as a suit. It is old school Miyake and done quite well.

This is all very, very bad for my budget. YIKES!!!!!!!

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