Monday, January 29, 2007

It's Boxer Shorts Season For Me

I am in a total funk about my own fashions because I'm not enjoying the clothes after they're made. I'm not having an "I love my body" moment right now. I was finishing the coat we see hanging in my sewing room but I really don't like the coat and I will not repeat NOT wear it when and if I finish it so I'm loathe to put the work into it. Plus, I've spent more than a few hours poring over pictures of too thin model in gorgeous clothes. It's enough to give one pause, not to mention the raging PMS. I took a break from it all and ordered this to make Mick some additional boxer shorts. He totally doesn't need them but I can't resist.

motorcycle chicks

sweetheart pinups
(It's rather ironic, I know to be unhappy with my body so I buy my hubbie undies with hot chicks on them, if I had a therapist, they'd have hit the crackpot with me)
And I knew when I saw the pinup girls on motorcycles that he'd love them. They should be here in time for me to present them for Valentines Day. Luckily for me he never reads this so he won't suspect a thing.


artist1lisa said...

Hi Melody.Please don't be mad at me for not answering your comments at my blog.
I am such a dumb-ass.I just found out that I must accept or reject the comments first before they can show.I thought no one was leaving comments.I had to sign up for a Goggle account today for the new improved Blogger and found all of your sweet comments.
I did not sell the snowman.I was too chicken to list it on Ebay.The Santa doll didn't sell Ebay but it did sell at the art gallery.
Yes,girl you already motivate me.
Cool fabric.

Melody said...

Lisa, It's so good to hear from you. I'd wondered what happened and I haven't seen you at PR.