Saturday, January 06, 2007

2007 Challenge

Well, it's the first week of my challenge and so far I'm still on a "sweets" binge from all the Xmas candy and cookies and I haven't sewn a stitch. I am going to push myself to get downstairs and work on Mickey's shirt. I'm a horrible wife, I still haven't finished his shirt but really there's no rush for it. With the weather being so crazy warm, he wouldn't have need for this shirt anyway. Maybe if we go to Colorado sometime soon but here, the roses still have green leaves, the grass is still green, the trees are about to start budding. But that's neither here nor there. I have to try to finish some things. After this, I'll finish the baby present for my friend Fork. It was supposed to be for the birth of her nearly one year old daughter but at this point it's more likely a birthday present. I did just buy three new patterns from Hotpatterns and they came today, luckily while Mickey was at work, he'll be none the wiser, that is until the cc bill arrives. He doesn't mind, he's a good sport.

I love this twinset pattern and some people on PatternReview have made quite lovely versions of it.

I've been lusting after this top for quite some time and I bought the simplicity pattern because it's similar to this one but I just had to have it.

They've discontinued the last pattern I purchased, the fabulous Denim Diva Wrapture Jacket. It's based on this Marc by Marc Jacobs design.

Again there are great reviews of this jacket on Pattern Review. I particularly like Stacey Sews version of this.

But now it really is time for me to get to work. I'll be in the basement if anyone needs me.

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