Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Simplicity Patterns

I got these the other day before they were even on the Simplicity Patterns website. I love the Threads wrap dress, it's a very feminine shirtdress which I think, suits my shape better than the straight up and down shirtdress. I'm flare"y" so I need a flare"y" dress to work with. This may even be made to go with my new shoes.

That crazy bubble top/dress, I'm not too sure about, I think I'm too old to wear that yet it appeals to me and it'd be cute as a top under a jacket. I love the drapiness of it. The other two remind me of hot patterns. The sunshine top and the shanghai tunic. I really wanted to make the sunshine top but I didn't have enough $$$ to buy a hot pattern. 1.99 is my total price point.

These were the only ones that I was attracted to this time so that's a good thing. I need fewer items on my sewing queue, not more. I think I'll make one of the tops to wear in NYC for Xmas.

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