Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fabric Haul

Weird old Vogue pattern from the store around the corner.

The line drawing is what attracted me, that is totally nuts?

Beautiful black leather from Mood.

Bottom weight black and white cotton lycra from the Spandex House.

Intriguing vintage fabric from that same little store around the corner. Lou has two fabric stores within two blocks of his apartment and two incredible bakeries and a great sushi restaurant on the corner. What a life!

Hello Lover! Silk charmeuse from store whose name I can't remember in the garment district.

This was my favorite day in NY. At first I felt really sick and I didn't think I'd be able to make it to Mood, but I kept telling myself to buck up, I hadn't travelled 700 miles for nothing. Once I got to the store, I came to life much like a dried out plant when it finally receives water. We shopped and shopped. When we got too much stuff to carry, Lou took it all up to his office for later pickup with the car. Then we caught the subway to Soho where we ate at Katz's Deli (you know, the one from "When Harry Met Sally", the infamous "faking it" scene). At first it was pretty intimdating because you have to take a ticket and order from a cutter and we couldn't figure out where the waiter tables were, we were pretty stupid. We finally got the hang of it, when I got to the cutter he gave me a sample of the corned beef. OHMYGOD!!!! That was the best corned beef I'd ever tasted. Mick and Lou split a roast beef sandwich, I really don't think Lou was all that into it but he humored us. Mickey told me he really didn't want to share the sandwich with Lou because that was the best roast beef he'd ever had. The pickles were even kick ass. Later on the way home somewhere in New Jersey Mickey said, "You know I'd turn this car around right now to get another sandwich there if I could" ( we couldn't it was 5am). Then later we walked Lou home and let him take a nap while Mick and I walked around. Mick went to this little tiny record store to search for jazz cd's. The owner guy was super nice and trying to help Mickey when the entire wall of jazz cd's collapsed in an avalanche around their feet, they were literally trapped. It was poetic justice for me, Mickey has more cd's than I have fabric. Inside I was laughing my ass off but on the outside I appeared kindly concerned and helpful. I only wish I'd had my camera. We suggested that Mickey go back the next day for a "reshoot". While I was there I did find the new Lupe Fiasco record which I was looking for so that worked out. We then went to Tokyo Joe's (the resale store) but neither of us found anything we wanted but there was that bakery on the corner so we bought cookies to take back to Lou. When we got back he was awake and he and Mickey went to do more record shopping, while I stayed in and fondled my fabric.


Mom2fur said...

That charmeuse is amazing. And nobody does a deli sandwich like NYC!Have you ever had a reuben?

Melody said...

Don't get me started on the Reuben, oooh!

Mom2fur said...

I know. It's the kind of thing that sounds just awful when you describe it...and then you take a bite, and you're hooked!