Sunday, November 12, 2006

My New Purse and Several Pounds of Soap

I haven't much felt like sewing any clothes or anything really. I can only deal with really short term projects so I decided to finish a purse I started making last year. It's vogue 7701, a handbag that I quit working on for no good reason. I decided to finish since I needed a new purse and it was mostly put together. I feel good that I've taken something off the UFO pile and moved it into rotation. The gold studs are upholstery nails that I had to have Mickey put in and bend the ends back onto themselves (he has really strong hands, and I have no hand strength whatsoever). I knew I was going to change it significantly because I thought the pattern envelope picture was less than inspiring. I used some brass hardware and glammed it up a bit and the fabric is a woven that looks and feels like a distressed leather. I really like it and I now want to make more bags.

The other thing that I did recently was make some more soap, with the change of the seasons, our poor Michigan skin gets so dry, it crinkles like paper. I couldn't take the itching anymore and so I forced myself to get out the soap pot. I made my carrot, oat honey for me and a bunch to give to Dos and I make some with green tea that was an experiment gone awry (pieces of green tea in the bottom of the tub after every shower, ick {but it does smell nice}) and a sushi bar with cukes, carrots and a bunch of other weird stuff (no fish, though).

Lord knows I'd have to take out a loan to buy that much handmade soap at Whole Foods, I think for the cost of all of that soap, I probably could have bought one good sized bar. Viva La DIY!!!!!

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artist1lisa said...

Hi Melody.
Awesome purse! It reallly does look like leather.Fabulous job.
Looks like you've been getting into "good clean fun" with your handmade soaps.I agree,Viva La DIY.You save money and you know you're getting quality items.
I've got some soap making supplies on hand,but I haven't made any soap.Maybe one day.