Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Do So Like The Bags

I enjoy wearing that new bag and I thought I'd like to try some different bags. I just can't see spending upwards of $200 for a good bag, especially when I can sew. Last year I made my purse inspiration board of all different purses in Vogue and InStyle Magazines and I'm trying to make my bags my own but with designer touches.

It's McCalls 4531 and I'm immediately working on this one, view C. I'm using a blue dotted canvas from JoAnn's home dec department and the same faux leather for the contrast and handles. I hope it's cute. I also bought some SmartLyte purse lights from, which was stupid of me because they are available in the states.

This is Vogue 7703 and I think it's out of print. I'm really excited about this one though, I bought a different color faux distressed leather to try this one out. View A is what I'm contemplating and although I don't know if I'll put the purse light in the McCalls, I definately want to put it in this. It's a huge bag and I could totally imagine losing stuff in there all the time. I also got some Christopher Lowell fabric to make a tapestry hobo bag. I may not have any clothes at all but I'll be styling with the purses.

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