Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still Haven't Begun Sewing

I still haven't made it down to the sewing room and now I have to go because I need to do laundry. Laundry day is usually a good sewing day for me anyway. I hang out in the basement, sort through clothes and make new ones. Some days I get so frustrated because whatever I sew up in the sewing room/laundry room ends up back down there as laundry. It's as if you never finish. I invited Julie over tomorrow to sew pants or tops or whatever and I'm going to put a million patterns on Ebay. I literally took photos of 67 patterns that I'd like to get rid of. I didn't even get to the good really vintage ones or the ones in the garage, SHEESH! It's supposed to storm tomorrow so I'll be stuck down there with the dog anyway, it'll be nice to have Julie company, she's a riot and we always concoct the most bizarre schemes, thankfully they seldom make it to fruition.

We did accomplish some plant moving around for spring. Mick and I transplanted some coneflower volunteers and divided up some daylillies and Tonya gave me some echinops yesterday. He took out a bunch of yarrow, it just didn't look like I expected. we also planted some forsythia cuttings that I rooted in the back yard, I'm going to send it good vibes so it grows up really fast and big. Julie has some strawberry plants that she wants to rip out to give me for that spot under the house. It'll be really cute with the strawberries and the grape hyacinths. All very green, purple and white. Maybe I've just hit upon my spring swap color scheme, hmm...

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