Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Stars are Aligned to Drive Sewers Crazy

O.K., WTF, Sewingworld is completely gone, Patternreview seems on the verge of imploding and I had to deal with the coworker from another planet. I really think the stars have something to do with this. Is Mercury in retrograde or something? Jeez, if this is happening to us, I'd hate to think about what's going on at Fashionweek, YIKES!!

I find it really annoying actually that I spent a year away from those sites because I was so busy with my job and then the car accident and then my job again and now that I'm back, it's all f'd up. I used to spend a ton of time at Patternreview and Sewingworld because I LOVE IT! I couldn't over the past year and I watched from the sidelines as everyone was doing their thing. When I unexpectedly left my job last month because I refused to deal with a crazy person who thinks everyone shouldl agree to her brand of crazy, I thought, "Well, at least I've got PR and SW" virtual sewing friends are better than no sewing friends, right? Just as I started to get back into the swing of things I'm noticing that on PR people who've been there for years, who followed Deepika from her first post at Sewing World are not reviewing and I understand not having anything to say but this was weird. Then I went to Sewing World one day and it was gone, just gone. I kept checking in to see if it came back but nope. I have no idea what happened there but I have an inkling of what happened at PR. It seems to me like the issue may be solved at this point and I really hope it is because I'd like for those who left to come back.

Here's the thing, some people are complete and total unabashed assholes and they want everyone to know they're assholes but really that's all they are because, in this case they certainly don't hold any power over anyone. When we're posting on a message board we've got our guard down because we think everyone is our friend but they're not. In reality, we don't know one another at all and people can say mean and nasty things. I don't know why some think it's appropriate to presume to know another's motivation or emotional quirks, it isn't. Just as it isn't appropriate to devalue someone else's hurt feelings but it happens and it will, I suspect, always happen. When I visit the message board on a particular film or tv show on people are extraordinarily rude to each other but they don't seem to care. When it's too much and the information I seek isn't there due to the sniping, I leave. Things aren't nearly that bad at the sewing sites and I hope everyone can keep it in perspective. I'm going to assume things will settle down and get back to normal. I mean for crissakes, it's just sewing!

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