Monday, September 11, 2006


I'm totally geeked to get going on my new fall swap that I decided to build. In the last two weeks, I've totally changed my mind about the sewing. I like it again and it doesn't have to remind me of weird jerks who sew. Mostly we're not jerks but there's alway one in the bunch. Anyway, Mickey took me to Saugatuck for my birthday and on the way there we stopped at Field's fabrics in Jenison. They had this really cool moleskin pucci-style print so I got some and then I got some knit that went with it then I got some denim that went with it (plus some more stuff that doesn't go with it) and I thought "well this could be a cute outfit". When we got home I started looking at my stash and as huge as it is, I managed to find some really nice things that coordinate with the three that I bought. I got out a bunch of patterns and my personal croquis and I started drawing; auditioning things I thought I might like, some made the cut a bunch did not.

When Mickey got home I presented him with my work and asked him what he thought of it. I thought he would say "Whoa! Cool! Awesome!" Instead he said, "I don't know I would add in some crimson or some gold or some black. That reminds me of the Spanish painters palette and they used golds and reds, I just think you'll be happier." He then disappeared to go find his Picasso book to prove his point to me and prove his point he did. I completely understood what he was telling me and I appreciate it, I thought I was using a bunch of colors but I really wasn't going out on a limb and trying anything that wasn't safe. I was leaning too heavily on the browns which would make for a dull wardrobe. Here's the palette before Mick and Pablo

and here's the palette after Mick and Pablo

The Picasso paintings that he showed me really did open my eyes to the possiblities of colors that work well together. I don't know the name of this painting but it is a girl with hoop.

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